Shipping, Policies, & Products


How long does my order take to ship?

How do you ship?

Do you ship Internationally?

My package was lost or stolen, now what?

I entered the wrong shipping address, now what?

Refunds & Exchanges

You sent me a wrong item, now what?

I want to make a change to an order, can I?

I changed my mind and want to return my order, can I?

Can I cancel my order?

Travel with the1407

How can I purchase the kit each month?

What comes in the kits?

How much is the kit?

I am a shop owner, can I be included in the box?

Traveler's Notebooks

What size do I need?

You have a layout I want but not the size I want. Can I get it?

Ring Planners

How do I order ring punched inserts?

You have a layout I want but not available for ring. Can I get it?

Do the inserts come punched?

Do you punch for disc planners?

Will the etsy stickers fit your vertical layouts?

I want to order ring but photos are of a traveler's notebook. How do I see ring?

Custom Requests, Bulk & Wholesale Orders

Custom Orders

Can you make me a custom insert?

Can you make a custom planner?

How log does a custom layout take?

Bulk Orders

I want to order a lot of traveler's notebooks for a discount, can I?

I want to order a lot of ring inserts for a discount, can I?

Wholesale Orders

Do you offer wholesale?


Sales Info

Are coupon codes valid on previous purchases?

I want to cancel and reorder, can I?

Can I get the $3 Thursday item price another day?

Why are fold-outs not always $3 on $3 Thursday?