Cards... because you can make it all!

Hey there!

It’s your friendly neighborhood planner addict, Anna! I have a fun new thing that I’ve been playing with some kits and doing. CARDS! 

Yes, you can use parts of your 1407 Kits to make some pretty neat cards. This one features the brand new Fall Kit! 

So first, lemme just show you how gorgeous this kit is.

Look at all that amazingness! 

Okay, so to start the only things you will need are as follows: 

  • Blank Card Base (I use the A2 size that comes with an envelope) 
  • The 1407 Planners Fall Kit
  • Glue Runner
  • Scissors

Now onto the fun stuff, this is the card I started with.

I used the A2 size, which measures 4.25 x 5.5 Inches. As you can see here I measured the paper and chose which paper I wanted to use. Then I cut and trimmed off just a LITTLE on each side. There’s really no way to mess this up, you can even use fancy scissors to decorate.

Now, I took and glue runnered on that piece of paper to the front of the card.

I then decided to begin adding flair, first is the doily.

I then began adding some flair to the card with the included Journaling Cards and stickers. This would also be a great place to add in the Die Cuts! Or even the charm if you wanted to make something to affix it to.

Ripping paper adds a beautiful element.

At last, here is the finished product! All ready to get sent to someone special!

Cards are all about creativity and having fun. They don’t have to be perfect, just gather some supplies and have fun!

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