Distress Valentine's with Anna

Anna Coleman
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Valentines Day

You know, all that lovey dovey stuff.

This layout was one that I’d been thinking about for a few months, I was really excited for it.

I used a lot of items to make this layout and here’s a list:

Studio L2E Seasonal Plans: Spring

Random Valentines Stamps

Distress Ink in 3 Pink Shades

Ombre Ink Pad (I ended up using only one for this)

Stamp Blocks

Stencil (I used a dot one, but you could use any type for a neat look)

Pink Fine Tip Marker/Pen (for filling in the hearts and writing plans)

Wink of Stella Glitter Brush (for accentuating the heart bullets)

I chose to use one of the new inserts from 1407 for this layout as I thought it fit the best. This is the Blank Doodle Weekly.

I started by masking off the center area and distress inked in the two lighter pink shades. Then I laid the stencil over and used the darker distress ink, rubbing it right over the stencil. Keep in mind that this process does NOT need to be perfect. In fact, if it looks messy, I think it adds to the appeal!

After the distress ink, I went in with the two heart shaped stamps and the ombre ink pad. I put hearts all over giving it an abstract look while still being light enough to write over throughout the week.

When the hearts were done it was time for me to go and add the “structure” with the heart shaped bullet points and the Happy Valentines Day stamp in the bottom corner. I also ended up using some days of the week stamps from another random company to finish the layout out.

What would I change? I honestly would have prefered to use a script font for the days of the week, so I should really be on the lookout for a set of stamps that has that! Other than that, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Did you do a neat layout for Valentines Day? Show it off in the 1407ers group! I would love to see what you all come up with!

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