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It’s by far one of my favorite seasons. I’m sure if you’ve seen me commenting on Facebook, you’ve also seen my profile photo. I’m a little spooky. I’m definitely weird. So Halloween is totally my my season. I’m also a firm believer that Halloween season starts on October 1st. FITE ME INTERNET.

I love doing layouts with lots of color and fun elements all whilst being functional. This week is no exception. First I had to think of what I really wanted to center my theme to and of course I thought PENNYWISE.

Now, this layout is something I’ve been planning for awhile now and had to purchase some supplies in advance to do this. Here’s a list of stuff that I used:

  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Black Soot, Hickory Smoke)
  • Black Versafine Ink Pad
  • Crimson Versafine Ink Pad
  • Studio L2E Birthday Wishes Stamp Set
  • Studio L2E Plannerjam Stamp Set
  • Inkadinkado Bloody Scene Clear Stamp Set
  • Acrylic Stamp Blocks
  • Post It Notes (I prefer post-it brand because they stick better)
  • Tombow Dual Tip Marker (This is the one given out at Plannerjam)
  • Red Marker (For touching up Blood and Balloons, I used two different shades)
  • White Gelly Roll Pen (For adding shine to blood and Balloons, you can use any old white pen)
  • Baby Wipes (Parents Choice Micellar Baby Wipes)
  • Prefered Insert (For this Layout I’m using the Dot Grid Smaller Spacing)
  • Some sweet tunes to jam out to! (I listened to the Trench album by Twenty One Pilots)

Now, this might seem like a threatening list of supplies once you start adding it all up, but never fear, you could likely do this with FAR less supplies if you chose to draw in the elements you would like. Don’t go into debt for cool planner layouts. Seriously, it’s super easy peasy to do this same layout with other mediums you already likely have on hand.

First I did the back layer of the distress ink, I always do the darker colors first then the lighter ones. This is my personal preference and in no way is the right way. In fact, I’m sure it’s probably wrong and someone will tell me so.

For the top lighter color I wanted to mimic a night sky with clouds. To achieve this I didn’t use as much ink or rub in as hard as I usually do for my layouts. I think I achieved that nicely.

I then let it dry for an hour before the next step. (Okay, it wasn’t really an hour, I’m anxious and I like to rush things. But seriously, let it sit to dry before the next step.)

I then plotted out where I wanted my week boxes and drew those in with the Tombow marker. I didn’t photograph the actual plotting because it was 99% swear words and me questioning my abilities to plan and honestly just live on this planet. (self doubt y’all!)

After I plotted my boxes I went ahead and used the Post Its to block off where I didn’t want the stamps to be. I wanted blood dripping in the daily boxes, but nowhere else. From here I did the blood stamps and then the balloon stamps and did my touching up of them as well as coloring them in.

Anything I wish I’d changed or thought through better? Yup, I wish I’d done the days of the week as sheets on a clothesline like the clothesline scene in the original move and then the bottom being a fence with balloons floating over it. I’m pretty obsessed with Halloween, so I’ll likely just keep doing version of this layout through the rest of the year.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll answer as best as I can! Love, Anna @ossiaxevion

October 26, 2018 by Natasha Corrigan

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