Meet Katey! Katey has been a friend of mine for years and has played multiple roles behind the scenes at the 1407. Perhaps you got to meet her at Plannerjam 1.0 in Troy, Ohio this past June. She was the one that presented stamping! Maybe you already follow her on Instagram @jollieplans! If you do, then you know art is her passion! Katey has been a great motivator and has been an inspiration for our company!

Katey is the “behind the scenes” talent of the photos we post. Recently, Katey shared her art journal with me. I couldn’t put it down, it was so beautiful and full of imagination! As I was admiring the work, she mentioned that she did all of the artwork in our inserts! She had used tons of paint and markers and nothing bled through! I knew our paper was absorbent and high quality, but this was something I had not considered or tried out myself! I was so impressed at how much the paper held!!

Stamping inks with a touch of glimmer spray finishes off a project perfect.

When using large amounts of paint I put down gesso to prime the paper. 

Distress ink is a fun medium to play with and blend.











Katey and a Few Fun Quick Facts 
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Favorite planner size: B6 
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert
Blue or Black ink: Black 
Early Bird or night owl: Early Bird
Who would you most like to have coffee with: Paul McCartney 
Favorite 1407 insert: Planning- Bujo Blocks / Fun- Lyrics and plain Blank for my art journaling 
Do you like your handwriting: it’s ok 
Biggest fear: Carwash LOL 
Favorite Color: Purple
Stickers or Stamps: Stamps 
Favorite Food: EVERYTHING 
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Android or iPhone: iPhone  
Paperclip or bookmark: Bookmark
Shopping: in store or online: Online
Your life in 3 words: 2- Murphy’s Law
Tv or books: Both
Gold or silver: Silver
August 30, 2018 by Natasha Corrigan

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