Covers for your inserts

What cover do I choose?

Next, you’ll want a beautiful cover to place all your inserts in. We are so excited and proud to now offer beautiful leather Traveler’s Notebook covers for your planner made by JTKing Leather and branded with our signature flamingo on the back. Be sure to choose the size that coordinates with the insert size you have decided will work for you. Now find a color you love and let the fun begin! 


What is a Try Your Size Cover?

These covers are a printed vinyl, similar to our kit add on covers. These covers are beautifully printed and ready-to-assemble. Elastic provided. We do have a tutorial for assembly on youtube. For $12.95 this is a great starting place before diving into leather for a size you may not like.


How many inserts can I fit in my cover? 

This really depends on the spine size of your cover. On average, a cover will fit 3-8 inserts. The covers we are offering have a double elastic but with the use of jump bands will hold 4-6 inserts. We recommend 3 inserts in a try your size cover and you will need a jump band.


How do the inserts stay in the cover without rings or discs?

Traveler’s Notebooks use stretchy elastic bands that you slide your inserts under and they stay securely in place. This makes it very easy to swap things out or add inserts to your planner. If you’d like to add more inserts than you have elastic bands, we offer a wide selection of jump bands here.


For more on Jump Bands check out our YouTube Channel or join us on Facebook in our group: the1407ers.