Inserts for your planner

What are inserts? And how do I choose?

The inserts are the heart of your planner. There are dozens to choose from and this is how you customize your planner for your lifestyle. Whether you like to plan a whole week on one page or you like planning everything by the hour, there’s an insert for that! Everything from gratitude lists, wish lists, housekeeping, expense records and much more. You choose what you want! Could it get any better?

What size insert should I choose?

Choosing the size of your planner insert is as personal as picking your favorite ice cream. As much as we wish we could do this for you, only you know how large you write, what you’re daily scheduling preference is, and what you’ll be carrying your planner in. However, we hope these dimensions will help you make your decision.

Micro - This 3” x 4” insert is not only adorable, but it can fit almost anywhere making it the most stylish tiny planner ever.

Pocket - Sized at a convenient 3.5” x 5.5”, this size fits comfortably in any purse and can always be with you. 

A6 - At 4” x 5.75”, this size is much like the pocket size but is a little wider, which can give you a little bit more writing room, if that is something that appeals to you. 

Personal - 3.75” x 6.75”, this is a long and narrow insert. It falls in the middle as far as insert sizing and can fit in almost every purse. 

B6 – This 5” x 7” insert is quickly becoming a favorite due to its manageable and relatively proportionate size. 

Standard – Sized at 4.25” x 8.25” makes this insert a little larger than the others, but is a familiar narrow set up that still allows for it to be carried along in a larger handbag or work bag/briefcase. 

Wide – 5” x 8.25” This insert is about the same size as a half sheet of paper. The largest of the inserts available from The 1407 Planners, but it’s still manageable to carry with you and offers the most room for writing.

Still can't decide? Order a sampler in different sizes to test! Plus we have something exciting coming to help test so stay tuned!