Let's Team Up!

Creative Team - Creative Team selections are done randomly and done typically by choosing people who already love the1407!

This just means that I check the tag #the1407planners on Instagram and love to work with creative talent that can inspire others to show off planner spreads and creative ways to use different layouts.

How do YOU benefit? I send you products each month at my cost for you to use and show off. Keep showing = I keep shipping

Affiliate Program - The affiliate program is for serious 1407ers! The selection process and overall idea is the same as the creative team, however, you earn money based on your referrals purchases.

Blogs & Videos - If you have a blog or a channel and want to use some of the1407 products please email me at natasha@the1407planners.com

Did you love them and can't wait to spread the love? Email me about the affiliate program and make money from your followers purchasing from us!

Collaboration - I love a good bit of team work. If you have a collaboration in mind please email me at natasha@the1407planners.com 

Travel with The1407 - Want to be featured in the box? I do 100 per month. Please email me at natasha@the1407planners.com 

Wholesale - I do offer wholesale on inserts. Please see the FAQ.


Having a planner meet-up?

 Although I have had to limit how many donations I am able to do it is always ok to ask! Please make sure you ask at least a month prior as I do need to schedule prepping the goodies.

Please email me directly at natasha@the1407planners.com and provide:

Your social media information

The location of the meet-up

How many attendees

What you are looking for - i.e. each goodie bag or a raffle prize

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