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There’s something about having a beautiful planner in your hands that makes jotting down everyday tasks and appointments more enjoyable. If you’re carrying around a lackluster store bought planner like I was, you’re world is about to be rocked! Get ready to dive into the crazy amazing world of The 1407 Planners! 

If you’re just stumbling into the world of #planners, it can be a little overwhelming. Once you’ve got some basic questions answered, you’ll have all you need to create a planner that is uniquely functional and positively stylish. Whether you want an over-the-top planner that makes scrapbook enthusiasts drool or you just want a planner that makes you smile, The 1407 Planners not only has what you need but gives you something to look forward to every month. 


Information about the1407 traveler's notebook

What are inserts? And how do I choose?

The inserts are the heart of your planner. There are dozens to choose from and this is how you customize your planner for your lifestyle. Whether you like to plan a whole week on one page or you like planning everything by the hour, there’s an insert for that! Everything from gratitude lists, wish lists, housekeeping, expense records and much more. You choose what you want! Could it get any better?

What size insert should I choose?

Choosing the size of your planner insert is as personal as picking your favorite ice cream. As much as we wish we could do this for you, only you know how large you write, what you’re daily scheduling preference is, and what you’ll be carrying your planner in. However, we hope these dimensions will help you make your decision.

Micro - This 3” x 4” insert is not only adorable, but it can fit almost anywhere making it the most stylish tiny planner ever.

Pocket - Sized at a convenient 3.5” x 5.5”, this size fits comfortably in any purse and can always be with you. 

A6 - At 4” x 5.75”, this size is much like the pocket size but is a little wider, which can give you a little bit more writing room, if that is something that appeals to you. 

Personal - 3.75” x 6.75”, this is a long and narrow insert. It falls in the middle as far as insert sizing and can fit in almost every purse. 

B6 – This 5” x 7” insert is quickly becoming a favorite due to its manageable and relatively proportionate size. 

Standard – Sized at 4.25” x 8.25” makes this insert a little larger than the others, but is a familiar narrow set up that still allows for it to be carried along in a larger handbag or work bag/briefcase. 

Wide – 5” x 8.25” This insert is about the same size as a half sheet of paper. The largest of the inserts available from The 1407 Planners, but it’s still manageable to carry with you and offers the most room for writing.

Still can't decide? Order a sampler in different sizes to test! Plus we have something exciting coming to help test so stay tuned!


Information about the1407 traveler's notebook

What cover do I choose?

Next, you’ll want a beautiful cover to place all your inserts in. We are so excited and proud to now offer beautiful leather Traveler’s Notebook covers for your planner made by JTKing Leather and branded with our signature flamingo on the back. Be sure to choose the size that coordinates with the insert size you have decided will work for you. Now find a color you love and let the fun begin! Please note that at this time we only offer covers in our shop in Pocket, Personal, and B6. More sizes are coming soon!


How many inserts can I fit in my cover? 

This really depends on the spine size of your cover. On average, a cover will fit 3-8 inserts. The covers we are offering have a double elastic but with the use of jump bands will hold 4-6 inserts. 


How do the inserts stay in the cover without rings or discs?

Traveler’s Notebooks use stretchy elastic bands that you slide your inserts under and they stay securely in place. This makes it very easy to swap things out or add inserts to your planner. If you’d like to add more inserts than you have elastic bands, we offer a wide selection of jump bands here.


For more on Jump Bands check out our YouTube Channel or join us on Facebook in our group: the1407ers.


How can I make it uniquely mine?

Stickers, dashboards, charms… many options and ideas! Being creative in your planner is as easy as picking up a kit and letting your creativity flow. We offer a To-Go Kit and a Monthly Traveler’s Notebook Kit. 


Information about the1407 traveler's notebook

*Shown here is part of a full monthly kit - this particular kit is no longer available - Follow @travelwiththe1407 to see next month's theme!



The Monthly Traveler’s Notebook (TN) Kit is a larger kit and available in 5 sizes (pocket, A6, personal, B6, and standard). This kit includes two undated inserts in the chosen size, papers, and other items to make your decorating a fun time. This option offers the most customization. Limited only by your imagination and lifestyle, you choose how to use all that is included in the kit and use it to make your planner truly one of a kind! 



    • These are limited and available on noted Friday at NOON EST/EDT at
      • This is a different site. You can access from normal site, however you will leave the main site and purchase your kit on a different site. This means if you want an account you need to create one on BOTH sites. Also, points are 2 separate accounts. Once you have both sites signed up you are ready to go and it is then easy!
    • These typically ship during the week following ordering unless otherwise noted 
    • The kits are $30.95 each


Please note Kits are not by subscription nor able to be held. They are add to cart. Although we increase numbers each month they still sometimes go faster than we imagine. Log in right away and check out as carts do not hold your items.


The To-Go accessory kit  includes 4 half sheet papers, 1 half sheet of vellum paper, a themed sticker sheet, die cuts, feltie paper clip and a charm. It’s easy to assemble and sure to make you smile every time you check your schedule.  Get a matching add-on insert and/or vinyl cover to complete the look!


    • These are limited and available on noted Friday's at Noon EST/EDT at 
    • The to-go accessory kits are $14.95 each, the add on cover is available for $8.95, the add-on insert is available for $6.95 (the covers and inserts are available in 5 sizes: Pocket, A6, Personal, B6, Standard)
    • The cover is self assembly but we do have a video on the1407ers and youtube to help!

Information about the1407 traveler's notebookInformation about the1407 traveler's notebook

*These photos are of a past to-go kit and vinyl cover no longer available. Watch the calendar each month to see what themes are coming!




Information about the1407 traveler's notebook


In the simplest of terms, you choose the insert size that works best for your needs and purchase a cover in that size. Each month you can purchase a Monthly Kit that will come with all the items you need to create a beautiful theme in your planner. The only thing left to do is sit down and put your planner together in your own unique and fabulous way! Be sure to share your creativity on social media by using #the1407planners on Instagram. You can also find our facebook group, the1407ers, and join in the fun there!