Acetate: Clear plastic paper (overhead projection transparencies) that can be printed on or purchased pre-printed. This is thicker than vellum but is used for the same purpose.

Adhesive Pockets: Used to hold die cuts, notepads, and other decor. Can be adhered to a dashboard, dash sleeve, or some choose to put them directly onto a leather TN that doesn’t have sewn in pockets (Note of caution. Depending on how strong the adhesive is on the pocket, this can damage your leather or may not even come off the leather).

Bullet Journaling, also called Bujo/BuJo for short,  is a term for drawing your own layout or organizational system in a plain or dot grid insert.

Dash Card: Heavy cardstock or lightweight printed cardboard that can be inserted into a dash sleeve or laminated to make a dashboard for your TN.

Dash Sleeve: Vinyl cover-like sleeve that has pockets to hold dash cards or decorative paper. These sleeves wrap around inserts. The insert itself will not fit into the dash sleeve.

Dashboard: Decorative cardstock or dash cards that are laminated to wrap around an insert. Can be used solely for decoration, or can be used to put post-it notes, adhesive pockets, or other decor items on it.

EDC: Every day carry - the planner you carry every day.

Inserts are printed papers gathered, folded, and attached in the spine. They usually consist of monthly, weekly, and other organizational layouts. They are inserted in the TN by an elastic on the spine.

Jump bands are used to hold two or three inserts on one TN elastic. The jump band is used to hold two inserts in the middle of each insert and then the jump banded inserts are then slid under the spine elastic. Watch our video here on how to use jump bands.

Planner Peace: The attempt to find one planner and layout that makes you happy forever. 

Rabbit Hole: A deep hole that we fall down while buying ALL the planner goodies.

Shelfie: A photo of your TN's on their shelf.

Top Game: How fancy is the top of your TN? Show off those clips!

Traveler's Notebook, also called TN for short, is usually the term for the cover made of fabric, faux leather, vinyl, or leather that has elastic strings on the spine to hold inserts. Traveler's Notebook is also used as the term for your completed set-up with everything inside the cover too.

Vellum: Semi-opaque paper that can be found not printed and you can print your own designs on it, or can be purchased with pre-printed designs. This specialty paper is then cut to the proper size for the TN and used as decoration. It can be inserted around an insert or cut and put into a dash sleeve.

Wo1p: Week on 1 page layout

Wo2p: Week on 2 page layout

Wo4p: Week on 4 page layout