Leather Planner Cover - Pink

$ 38.95

This beautiful pink leather notebook is great for all to love. It is a double strap notebook which means it has two internal elastics for multiple insert use. Use jump bands to add more inserts. This will hold from 4-6 inserts.


The Darker Pink features:

  • Cow hide – 2.5 – 3 oz
  • Soft flat grain texture
  • Should not mark easily
  • Soft, very pliable, not structured


    The Light Pink features:

    • Cowhide 2-3 oz'
    • flat grain
    • Soft, very pliable, not structured


      They are ready-to-ship and will ship in our normal 3-5 business days



      Please remember that leather hides are from a living animal and may show natural marks. Through normal use you will add additional markings to your planner cover naturally.


      Handcrafted by JTKing Leather in Wisconsin, USA