Undated Combo Book - Month, Week, bills, trackers, and more

$ 5.95

Undated Combo Book - Month, Week, & Useful Pages Insert - Printed Planner Insert for your traveler's notebook (tn) - Printed on thick paper great for stamps and fountain pens

Traveler's Notebooks FEATURES

  • 26 pages
    • 1 undated month spread
    • 5 undated week spread 
    • bill and budget
    • tracking
    • meal planning
    • grocery lists
    • next month 
  • new even thicker paper - stamps and fountain pens welcome
  • Heavier printed cover with title on front 
  • Saddle stitched in the spine for a secure book to pop in your travelers notebook 

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the1407planners are designed, printed, and bound in the USA.